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Transportation Division

We are ready to handle all of your supply chain management needs, including but not limited to inventory management, inventory control, just in time inventory, delivery through the best known shipping companies, and consolidated freight, among other supply chain management activities.

TTS Group provides full range of logistics and distribution services spreading across the Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. Our services include :

Equipment List
5 X 1.5 tonner van
5 X 1 tonner pickup trucks
2 X 8 tonner trucks
25X20 tonner tippers
55X32 tonner semi-cargo
75 X 39 tonner semi-cargo
38 X32 tonner pole-trailer
40 X36 tonner pole-trailer
4 X 38 tonner lowboy
4 X 50 tonner lowboy
6 X 60 tonner lowboy
1 X 86 tonner lowboy

1 X350 tonner Manitowac CrawlerCrane
5 X 30 tonner truck crane
3 X 3 tonner folklift
2 X 950 payloader

We haul it, hoist it, move it, raise it, shift it & lift it with cranes 2-200 tonnes. Machinery & plant installation & relocation, including rigging, jacking & skating. Specialist in transportation of over dimensional & oversized freight. Servicing the dairy & construction industries, heavy salvage, energy providers, mining, quarrying, pulp & paper, petroleum (oil refineries).

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