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Engineering Division

This division manufactures and fabricates a wide range of quality road transport hardware, catering for specialized requirement and exigencies, and also provides related engineering support services. Products manufactured by the main company, include standard road transport equipment, petroleum tankers, pressurized carriers, airport ground support equipment, environmental equipment and utility vehicles.

Other services offered include parts services, maintenance, repair works and consultation.

Importer, Supplier & Stockist of all kinds Quality and Fully Recontioned Prime Movers.
- Volvo ( F7,FL7, F10, FL10, FL12, F16)
- Mercedes (1617, 1619, 1621, 1625, 1633)
- Scania (112M, 142E, 143M)
- Nissan (CW45, 52, 53, 60, 61)

Fabricator & Designer of
- Telescopic Pole Trailer
- Semi-Cargo Trailer
- Road Tanker
- Lowboy Trailer
- Box Trailer

Builder & Construction of

- Steel Body
- Wooden Body
- Aluminium Body
- Tipper
- Hydraulic Jack
Efficient, Prompt Delivery Realibility & Quality Products.We manufacture of all kinds of Heavy Duty Trailers. We also design to tailor your other payload requirements. We do undertake to arrange your financial needsDesign subject to modifications. Stockist of Full Range of Spare Parts.

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